On the Sasquatch, and Other Ramblings


              “Be passionately aware that you could be completely wrong” – Dian Marino

           In case you haven’t already noticed, I have a weird fixation with the Sasquatch – which stems from a long history of obsession with mythology, paranormal activity, UFO’s, etc (when I was a kid I was watching horror films and begging my mom to buy me books about hauntings and mythological creatures like the Loch Ness and Ogopogo). But to me, believing in the Sasquatch is more than just about having a fixation with the “unknown”… it’s about revisiting a quality that we all possessed when we were children; imagination. Sometimes we can become so fixated on truths and logic and reason that we  forget to have a dialogue with our imaginations… and when we lose that dialogue, life loses its colour.

            There are some things that don’t need to be proved with science or logic – these are the things that can be proved if we start looking in the right places, through a new lens. Like when you look at the night sky and see that everything is so vast and so far away and you’re just sitting on this watery spot suspended by nothingness, surrounded by things much bigger than you are, and you realize that it is a miracle that you’re even alive. Or when you’re sick and your dog crawls up next to you in bed and gives you extra special attention and you realize that animals may think and feel just like you and have consciousness after all. These answers are all around us – and being able to realize these answers relies on our ability to connect with our imaginations because our imaginations give us the ability to see the intricacies that are right in front of us all the time.

             So to celebrate what this blog is about, I have chosen the Sasquatch as my comrade, friend and mascot to remind you all to engage with your imaginations and never accept anything as the complete and utter truth because there are so many other fun possibilities. So with that being said, here a poem I wrote that I’d like to share about the Sasquatch.

Love Nikki


Let’s play hide and seek.

Maybe you’ll find your dreams,

tucked somewhere in the evergreens –

But you won’t find me.

Maybe some of you

will smell me –

a scent that stings the eyes and

makes you seize;

And if you’re lucky

you’ll hear me scream.

Here is where imagination’s key;

Because science is a belief

in things you can only see.

But I believe there is more.

I believe in believing,

because I’m me.

This is all the evidence

you will ever need.


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